Demand in gifted specialists with required skills and competences is becoming global in the Company.  

Integrated approach to developing employees potential replaces traditional training. Staff shortage forced the Company to search for talents by their own sources: partnership with schools, universities, exchange programs, career development ladder and ongoing training. The emphasis on staff training is the basis for the future company growth.

ONHP has a perpetual license to conduct educational activities. It gives the Company an opportunity to train its own staff, to prepare teachers and train students of higher educational organizations for targeted projects according to corporate training program.

Training in ONHP Corporate University is conducted in various forms.  

As a part of corporate training, interactive platforms, micro-training, various forms of self-education are actively applied. In this way, knowledge holders are not only teachers, but also employees who actively exchange content with each other.

The model of educational process stipulates maximum involvement of ONHP specialists as internal experts, trainers, leaders and heads of faculties. In the short-term Corporate University is planning to establish a faculty of managerial and general corporate competencies. On the basis of this faculty, development of managerial and leadership competencies that ONHP identifies as a key tool for corporate culture formation will be conducted.

ONHP applies new approaches to work quality assessment and reward system (for example, a rating of project teams is prepared). A switch from personnel management to team and process management is performed.

Enthusiasm is the focus of employees involvement method. Involvement has become a major priority in staff motivation system. Relationship in the team, stimulation and rewards, career growth, corporate mission are parts of a large equation that describes the factors of employees' interest in work.

The issue concerning talents’ mobility begins to require serious consideration. We have the best personnel pool directly in our Company (employees receive a second higher education, enter graduate study, undergo rotation, etc.). These forms are an effective tool that allows the Company to develop its employees, to discover hidden talents, which has a positive impact on all team members and Company as a whole.

To satisfy the requirements in qualified personnel now and in the future, ONHP is developing a system that includes career guidance with school students, cooperation with higher education institutions, system for selecting high-potential employees (including young specialists) and planning their careers.

In this direction ONHP cooperates with Omsk universities and Omsk schools. In order to solve strategic tasks cooperation with higher education institutions is systematically being developed:

-ensuring required level of training and continuous development of personnel pursuant to current business requirements;

-preparing young professional pool for the company;

- ensuring personnel availability for the company in the long-run;

- supporting state policy in educational sphere.

In the scope of Cooperation Agreements with universities:

-projects are implemented for the development of scientific and educational infrastructure of universities, ensuring the increase of specialists training quality for the demands of company;
    - 3 basic Company faculties were created and are working nowadays, in 2017 twenty-three employees of the Company were involved in scientific and pedagogical activities of the basic departments;
    - modernization of educational programs for specialists training and programs of additional professional education for Company employees are being carried out;
    - educational and professional on-the-job-trainings are organized, an Inter-disciplines Engineering Department is created for students working at the Company flexi-hours.

To engage young professionals into company team and create personnel pool ensuring Company staff availability in the long run as well as fulfill obligations to educational institutions which participate in implementation of corporate system of continuous education “school-university-company” ONHP gives charity support to educational institutions of various levels, aimed at supporting activities and study process including additional educations for vocation-related subjects in engineering classes of schools, material-and-technical equipment of specialized classes, work organization aimed at teachers qualification increase of vocation-related subjects, organization of team-building and professional activities for school and university students, support of gifted school and university students aimed at professional development within Company as well as promising teachers.

Result of systematic work in forming candidates’ pool is an annual placement of trained university graduates prepared for Company tasks with assignment of an honored status of “young professional”.