Omsk Cadet Military Corps established Guardian Council. 27 persons became guardians of military educational institution including Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, and Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Omsk Region who has been treating future generation development issues with special attention for many years.

Decision on establishment and membership of Guardian Council of Omsk Cadet Military Corps was made and confirmed on June 29, 2017 within steering committee meeting. Council of one of the oldest Russian educational institutions is formed out of the largest Omsk companies’ top managers, deputies of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, deputies of Legislative Assembly of Omsk Region, and representatives of Omsk region Government, principal higher education institutions, regional mass media, and non-governmental organizations. Mr Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, also became a guardian of the educational institution.

Main goals of Guardian Council are established in the Regulations. The primary of them is assisting educational institution development which means material and technical facilities improvement, educational projects support, support of creative initiatives, engagement of assets for innovative approaches implementation, forward-looking work configurations development, education process organization and many other grounds.

Commenting the decision of becoming a guardian Mr. Igor M. ZUGA highlighted that when investing in education as well as in culture and art, in talent and creativity it is impossible to know exact economic benefit.

 “Particularly these value-based concerns bring to the society, region and each individual fertile fruits. As culture and education do not transform directly into money, they fit into person and increase its competitive ability and worthiness within labor market. Parents who invest into their children’s education make correct decision from strategic point of view. Present to the children an opportunity and lay the foundation for their future success – that is the greatest what can be given by parents. All the rest depends on insistence, ambitiousness, personal energy, efforts, and commitment of a child. Our goal is to create space of educative and communicative opportunities leading to the development of ambience and human being”, – says Mr. Igor M. ZUGA. 



03 Јul 2017