First season of school students’ summer on-the-job training in PAO ONHP was successfully completed. Mr.  Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO and subject matter experts attended and guided “Graduation” conference where students from different Omsk schools demonstrated projects on spatial planning, zoning and landscaping of Soviet Recreation Park and area adjacent to Petukhov and Engineers Boulevards. According to Experts, many displayed projects while being quite feasible and financially beneficial could substantially change Soviet Recreation Park appearance and improve safety level and leisure quality.

Every June and July about 80 school students from different Omsk schools undergo summer on-the-job training at ONHP. The number of applications always exceeds the demand, therefore if you want to be the chosen one you need to have outstanding grades and remarkable results at various contests and championships. Students selected by the results of competitive screening to be ONHP trainees get, as they confess in final essays, the most unique opportunity. "ONHP provides infinite experience in engineering, endless opportunities to implement students technical initiatives, a chance to get first-hand knowledge in engineering as an employee of such a powerful, profound and significant company" where "since the first day school students become a part of engineering team with corresponding duties and responsibilities "(ref. to  Students Feedback in Career section on ONHP website).

 Workdays of school students are very intense. Under the guidance of supervisors and with further review and evaluation of experienced engineers, students perform real projects. At the same time, trainees get vital knowledge and competencies, study software products in which the most complicated petrochemical and gas complex projects are performed, learn English for special purposes mastering engineering terminology and improve knowledge in the field of chemistry. It goes without saying that business comes before pleasure but students manage to find time for both.  Trainees participate in “GO” games and go on excursions. This year, opening of the first season of school students summer on-the-job training coincided with the premiere of "Balzaminov Wedding” performance staged by ONHP drama studio. Such impressive event could not leave hearts of students untouched and therefore was highly praised in final essays.

However, the greatest interest among young engineers was caused by preparation for the graduation conference, where they represented projects of architectural solutions, territorial planning and landscaping of Soviet Recreation Park and area adjacent to Petukhov and Engineers boulevards. Students are quite concerned and caring about this area which is their sport and communication platform. Great importance in students’ projects is given to alternative energy sources and availability of security systems so experts highly evaluated trainees’ efforts.

Commenting on the projects, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO highlighted that students successfully managed to pick up trends currently dominating among city development production principles.

As a result, project teams were awarded with diplomas in the following nominations "Critical Thinking", "Creative Thinking", "Teamwork" and "Communication". According to Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, selected nominations are the core competencies and skills required to be successful in 21st century.

As a special treat in the scope of on-the-job training completion awarding ceremony the students with top rating results were honored with certificates enabling to become ONHP interns during university study. 


04 Јul 2017