ONHP Annual Stockholders Meeting

Annual Stockholders Meeting was held in PAO ONHP on June 16, 2017. List of items addressed at the meeting included the approval of Public Company Financial Statements, Board of Directors and Auditing Committee members election, confirmation of independent accountant, new edition of Corporate Governance Code and a number of other corporate issues.

 As a result of the meeting PAO ONHP shareholders approved all the proposed issues. Updated Board of Directors list includes as follows:

1. Olga V. VOROBEVA, PAO ONHP Financial Director

2. Lyubov Ya. DERYABINA, PAO ONHP Chief Engineer
3. Sergey A. ZOLOTAREV, Oktan-Broker Joint Stock Company CEO
4. Ekaterina I. ZUGA, St. Petersburg State University Professor 
5. Alexander B. IDRISOV, Strategy Partners Group President

6. Valery T. ILYUSHENKO, PAO ONHP CEO Adviser 

7. Vladimir V. SARAEV, Engineering Consulting Group Ltd. CEO

Thus, for the benefit of shareholders, the company has traditionally ensured compliance with Corporate Governance Code, namely more than ¼ Board of Directors include individual members.

Finance-Audit LLC was approved as an ONHP independent accountant for the coming year. Shareholders also voted to increase Charter Capital of the company up to 48 million 900 thousand rubles by means of earnings retained in the previous years.  

23 Јun 2017