Saint Petersburg subway explosions: Senator of South Korea conveys his condolences to the ONHP Head

Mr. Jin-Bok Lee and Mr. Igor M. ZUGA have been actively cooperating for many years and they definitely share views on such deleterious activities. Mr. Jin-Bok Lee conveyed his unbending stance on terrorists’ sabotages and expressed his sincere sympathy to the victims of bomb attack on Saint Petersburg’s subway and their families.

 Hon. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA

I felt really hurt and painful when I heard terrible the news of Saint Petersburg subway explosion in Russia.

I grieve for those who were killed in the terrorist attacks and hope to recover the wounded people.

Also, I hope that this will not happen again.

I sincerely share the pain of the Russian people and

I will do all I can and there is no doubt terrorism should never happen again in any country.

Mourn for the terrorist victims with all my heart and soul.


Jin-bok Lee

Member of National Assembly of Republic of Korea

06 April 2017