HR policy

ONHP employs both experienced specialists and young specialists who have just started their professional career. The average period of employment reaches 19 years and it is no surprise as the motto of the enterprise is “regular staff brings regular quality”. ONHP takes care of the Company's veterans and also looks forward preparing a proper candidates pool. The friendly atmosphere creates favourable working conditions, and the intense leisure time (scientific conferences, sports events, theatre club, etc.) results in the employees’ loyalty.

Career opportunities

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ONHP Young Professionals Council is functioning to satisfy professional, social and cultural demands of youths sharing common interests. Young Professionals activity is guided by Young Professionals Council, which is appointed for the period of 1 year by the majority of votes among all Young Professionals. Council coordinates operation of six committees. These committees are as follows:

- Technical, Scientific and Professional Development Committee;

- Committee on Cooperation with School Students;

- Committee on Cooperation with University Students;

- Corporate and Cultural Events Committee;

- Sporting Events Committee;

- Public Relations (PR) Committee.

о программе "ШКОЛА - ВУЗ - ПРЕДПРИЯТИЕ"

Профориентационная программа подготовки инженерных кадров

Реализуется с 2001 года. Участники программы – обучающиеся образовательных учреждений города Омска и Омской области, студенты (бакалавры, магистры) вузов.