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01 October 2014

ONHP Featured Innovative Projects at the Forum with Participation of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

On September 29 and 30, 2014 ONHP took part in the exhibition "Innovations in the hydrocarbon sector", arranged under the auspice of XI Forum of cross-border cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in the city of Atyrau (the Republic of Kazakhstan). ONHP presented their projects of petrochemical complex and Deep Conversion Complex at LLP "Atyrau Refinery".

The construction of a petrochemical complex (Catalytic Reforming Unit, Aromatics Complex and Off-Site Facilities) and Deep Conversion Complex at LLP "Atyrau Refinery", the general designer of which is ONHP, has a strategic importance for Kazakhstan and is implemented within the framework of the state program of boosted industrial and innovative development of the country. Technological innovations applied by ONHP are aimed at the establishment of a full cycle of the petrochemical industry from the extraction of raw materials to finished products output in the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the increase of environmental quality of Atyrau refinery fuel products, at the rational application of valuable oil feedstock and at the increase of environmental security in the region.   

Deep Conversion Complex construction at LLP "Atyrau Refinery" will increase refining depth up to 85 percent. The production of high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel will be boosted as well. Herewith, it is important to mention that the motor fuels will comply with environmental class of Euro 5.
Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation which highlighted the high value of these projects, ONHP took part in "Innovations in the hydrocarbon industry” exhibition.  On September 30, Mr. Vladimir V. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation and Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Kazakhstan Republic visited the exhibition and got acquainted with the projects demonstrated thereat.

The exhibition was also attended by other forum members, such as the heads of ministries and departments, large industrial enterprises and financial institutions, scientists, experts in the field of innovation in oil and gas sector.

By tradition ONHP is actively involved in the events dedicated to the boost of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan because it believes that cooperation between our two countries is one of the most promising areas, which has become even more relevant in connection with the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

ONHP representatives present at the stand answered numerous questions on the implemented innovative projects in the hydrocarbon sector. Exhibition arranged at such a high-level let the delegations of two countries get acquainted with ONHP competences, experience in the field of oil and gas industry engineering and establish new professional contacts for future projects.

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