Press releases

19 June 2014

Towards New Horizons: Dialogue Platform With The Senator, Mr. Igor M. Zuga

On June 11, 2014 future engineers met the Chairman of the Internal Committee of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the development of RF Legislature on engineering activity, Mr. Igor M. Zuga.

The meeting between the Senator and school and university students undergoing on-the-job-training in ONHP was conducted in the form of a dialogue platform.

Participation of students from Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas (the Republic of Kazakhstan) who already had experience of undergoing on-the-job-training in Omsk was especially significant.

It should be noted that Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas and Atyrau Refinery has longstanding strong relationship with ONHP. Now, upon signing a historic agreement on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) among Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, we are entering a new level of integration and generation of common economic space for our countries. Hence, strengthening close mutually beneficial relations between educational institutions and companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Omsk region becomes even more important.

Among those present at the dialogue platform were students who took an active part in Young Students Forum section of the third Congress of Engineers of Siberia, held in May 2014 in Omsk. The participants were curious and motivated young people who are interested in engineering issues which nowadays are under discussion at the highest state level.
Settlement of the task determined by the President of the Russian Federation to accelerate innovational development of the region in order to supply the domestic market with competitive import-substituting high-quality products, to take actions on young professionals engagement in science, to keep intellectual component of our country, to recover main engineering links i.e. "science - technological development - industrial development" - these are the subjects of the third Congress of Engineers of Siberia, which were the starting point of discussion among high school and university students and a member of the Council of Federation Mr. Igor M. Zuga.

Participants of the meeting also discussed application of resource and intellectual capacity of Siberia for implementation of Arctic areas development programs, which was one of the most-discussed topic at the third Congress of Engineers of Siberia. Future engineers were also interested in integration of engineering and industrial capacity of Omsk region in the solution of state goals aimed at social and economic development of Arctic area.

The participants of dialogue platform also discussed feasibility of school education separation into humanities and engineering, stated the necessity to include physics and chemistry Uniform state exams into mandatory examination program.

High school students suggested to highlight such discussions in schools and expressed willingness to act as future engineers’ movement promoters to share the impressions with their peers on provided opportunity to participate in "school - university - company" aimed at career selection.

Meeting participants also dwelled upon state necessity to increase the number of industrial companies in Omsk region arranging on-the-job-training for school students. Such companies, educating engineering staff, contribute to the development of engineering across the country. According to Senator, we should not be apprehensive about the fact that not all participants of these programs return to the companies where they underwent on-the-job-training and made their first and perhaps most significant steps that define their position in life and future career. However, having absorbed the spirit of Modern times, they will refill the cluster of engineers able to solve the most complex production tasks, and will work with inspiration in various regional and Russian companies.

It was no coincidence that the meeting between future engineers and Chairman of the Internal Committee of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the development of RF Legislature on engineering activity   Mr. Igor M. ZUGA was conducted on the eve of the Day of Russia. Senator highlighted the importance to strengthen engineering cluster and gradually form engineering elite of our country.
 - Profession of Engineer is the very profession that makes Russia globally competitive, as far as the states compete against each other mainly in engineering and technical resources. Engineers and science are at Russian intellectual borders, as far as they determine the future of our country, - said Mr. Igor M. Zuga.

Summarizing meeting results, we are all expressing the hope that this dialogue platform will be the first step for future professionals on the way towards great achievements in the field of engineering. Albert Einstein once said: "Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been”. Let’s wish good luck to future engineers. Go ahead! Towards new achievements! And let today's school and university students tomorrow become the pride of engineering industry of Russia.