New Year morning performance was held at ONHP

30 December 2016

Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO held a meeting with Top Management of Poliom LLC in the person of Mr. Pavel O. EVDOKIMOV, Poliom CEO, and Mr. Igor B. TIKHONOV, Poliom Chief Engineer. Projects previously and currently executed by ONHP, new competences, Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, preliminary studies in different areas of focus were introduced to ONHP guests. Furthermore the companies’ leaders discussed prospects for cooperation.

20 December 2016

Mrs. Irina B. SHEVASHKEVICH, Group Leader of ONHP Civil Engineering Department No.1, is awarded with Certificate of Merit by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for great personal contribution to the development of fuel and energy industry and for longstanding dedicated work.

13 December 2016

Solemn Initiation Ceremony for Young Professionals was held at PAO OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP). Omsk universities graduates became a part of the company’s team. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, addressed his commencement speech to young engineers.

12 December 2016

Russian EMERCOM at the Omsk region conducted tactical fire-fighting training at PAO OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP). Training was to estimate building fire resistance level and to check interface plan of forces and facilities used in regional subdivision of the Russian System of Prevention and Response to ES when extinguishing fire in high occupancy buildings.

12 December 2016

PAO OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP) is prepared to construct spherical tanks (spheres) of various capacities on “turnkey” basis. Currently, the company is developing engineering design of 10,000 cubic meter sphere. Earlier, ONHP specialists had already developed engineering designs of 600 cubic meter spheres and 1,000 cubic meter spheres, as well as 2,000 cubic meter spheres and 5,000 cubic meter spheres for pressurized storage (0.245-1.746 MPa) of highly-flammable liquids, liquefied and compressed gases.

02 December 2016

EPC projects in Russia: Current Status and Goals is a topic of presentation which Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, introduced within 20 Anniversary CIS Downstream Summit. The presentation was up-to-date; it touched upon issues specific to Russian market of overall engineering and captured lively interest among participants.

29 November 2016

On November 25, 2016 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, official ceremony of signing Memorandum of Understanding was held between ONHP and Viet Nam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) under the Ministry of Construction of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

28 November 2016

The meeting to discuss further cooperation was held between ONHP and SINOPEC (Sinopec Engineering Group - SEG) at ONHP office in Saint Petersburg. Reached agreements were entered into the MoM signed by department managers. The document describes further cooperation development phases.

28 November 2016

ONHP delegation headed by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, will take part in 20 Anniversary CIS Downstream Summit to be held in Vienna, Austria on November 28 to 30, 2016.

25 November 2016