An annual meeting was held in ONHP on May 31, 2022.

The meeting was traditionally attended by the entire company staff including ONHP employees of the head office, ONHP branches and Research Engineering Center for Area Development and Maritime Spatial Planning (St. Petersburg, RF).

ONHP Chief Executive Officer and Chief Engineer based on the analysis of the company’s performance in 2021 in their speeches identified the main vectors of the company’s development and outlined strategic priorities for 2022-2025. In 2021 ONHP moved towards sustainable development, increased financial performance and continued to improve and reach new heights. Great attention is paid to continuous improvement of personnel competencies and business processes optimization. High quality ensuring safe operation of the designed facilities has always been the top priority for ONHP.

Winners in the nominations “Best Project Team” and “Best Department” were announced during the solemn part of the meeting. Appreciation Letters dedicated to the Chemists Day issued by Omsk City Mayor and ONHP Recognition Letters were handed over to company members. Employees who have been working at the company for more than ten years were awarded with ONHP silver badges, those who have been working for more than five years with Anniversary Books about the company, and employees with more than three years of work experience got bronze badges.

31 May 2022