ONHP congratulated teachers of sponsored and affiliated schools on the Teacher's Day. ONHP has been cooperating with educational institutions for more than 15 years. As a result of fruitful collaboration in the frame of profession-oriented "SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY" program hundreds of students get higher education in engineering field and later on are very prosperous in building their career in ONHP and other leading Russian and foreign engineering companies.

Interaction of ONHP with educational institutions is rather meaningful. It is not just about traditional contractual relations between company and school. This is a social partnership, an integrated system of relationships built over the years aimed at training high-qualified personnel, creating favorable educational environment, establishing conditions for development and allowing capabilities of all participants to be implemented.

All this comes true in the course of career-oriented program aimed at training skilled engineering personnel called "SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY". This program combines different areas of school and university students training and supports creative endeavors of teachers. The program is a "living body". Given the needs and demands of time, it is transformed and updated. Even ONHP summer practice, which is attended by 80 school children every summer, always varies in form and content following the requirements of contemporary employer.

In addition to well-established system of vocational guidance, on-the-job training enables to open up close and friendly relations. ONHP is always willing to welcome students, their parents and teachers at corporate events. Educational institutions, in turn, invite company's specialists for their parties and sport competitions. Many joint campaigns are socially-oriented such as improvement of back yards, pre-school and foster houses playgrounds and assistance to veteran-caring companies.

05 October 2017