Father Frost and Santa Claus Show in ONHP

On December 29, 2014 ONHP hosted the New Year Show for personnel’s children.

New-Year fairy tale for both children and adults visited ONHP and gifted all the people around with a magic mood when everyone is waiting for a miracle. We keep this feeling in mind since our childhood and it always appears on the New Year's Eve!

Young actors of ONHP children's theatre school (aged from 5 to 11) performed the first stage production “On the New Year's Eve” as a gift to their agemates.

Children’s New Year Show was continued in a creative manner: children with great pleasure recited poems and sang songs to Father Frost and his colleague Santa Claus who joined children's New Year Show in ONHP.

The foreign guest Santa Claus arrived at ONHP for the first time. He was immediately surrounded by the children willing to recite poems in his native English language.

And after that all little guests of the show were presented with candy gifts. They looked so happy to receive them from the real Father Frost and such an unusual guest as Santa Claus!

It cannot be denied that two gifts are always better than one!

On the New Year's Eve even adults “become children”; they constantly wait for magic and believe in miracles. The adults attending this show were happy with an opportunity to be again absorbed in the New-Year fairy tale.

As for children, the holiday has not simply brought joy and pleasure, it helped them to reveal creativity, to exercise their personality, to find real friends and to become a part of the magic theatre performance.

Yes, magic happens on the New Year's Eve!

Let's believe in the miracles and always keep to be a child at heart!


31 December 2014