New attestation format at ONHP

On November 12, within the framework of qualification certification of the OHNP personnel, certification of the company's top managers took place for the first time. Top managers, as the central link in the company's management, are responsible for the development and implementation of business development strategies, work for the long term and the overall success of the enterprise. Therefore, it is natural that the members of the Board of Directors of the company acted as their experts at the meeting of the certification commission.

The choice of attestation assessment methods for top managers is a difficult question, which is in direct proportion to the objectives of such attestation. The first experience of this certification showed that the certification process of OHNP top managers is not only an evaluative nature of their activities. First, it is a necessary condition for a deep analysis of the state of affairs in the area of ​​responsibility of a manager, determination of the strength and weakness of all aspects of their activities with the company's development strategy, a platform for developing constructive solutions and recommendations.

On November 14, at its regular meeting, the ONHP Board of Directors approved the practice of attestation of top managers and made a proposal to involve independent specialized experts in their attestation, which will contribute to maximum transparency and openness of the company.

16 November 2020