New Year Celebration performance was conducted in ONHP for the company veterans. More than one hundred people got company gifts on New Year’s Eve, took part in New Year concert and summarized the results of the Veterans Council activities in 2015.

The veterans are active participants of ONHP public life. After retirement, they continue to participate in ONHP events. Not a single Saturday Clean-Up, Sports Activities, Young Professionals Admission Ceremony is held without veterans participation. Company veterans are engaged in the jury board of young professionals’ evaluation procedures and Editorial Council on Young Professionals Conference.

It is a kind longstanding ONHP tradition to arrange holidays and celebration parties for ex-employees and this year is not an exception. On New Year and Christmas Eve a festive concert was conducted in ONHP for those who dedicated many years to this company. In addition to New Year gifts veterans had a chance to enjoy a concert. Young Professionals prepared creative performances for honorable guests. Still the most significant part of New Year’s Eve concert for ONHP former employees was an opportunity to communicate with their ex-colleagues, exchange poems reading, share experience with younger generation and to receive the deserved praise. Each guest of this wonderful night was awarded with the kindest words and the brightest smiles.

28 December 2015