ONHP acquired new opportunities for conducting engineering and geological surveys

 PAO OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP) continues to renovate processing base to improve the level and quality of works in progress and also to expand the scope of activities and services provided. In the near future the company will start operating new drilling rig with Envi AB (Swedish company) geotechnical probe system.

 Currently customers pay attention to the quality and completion rate of engineering surveys along with design procedure which is usually associated with significant timing. According to ONHP R&D Director, Mr. Igor A. Larionov: “Geotechnical probe system is a real way to reduce the duration of surveys which is significant in an investment cycle when the increase of the working period for one month would lead to the significant increase in the project cost in general.

 Company is creating a Ground information model, which makes it possible to hold laboratory soil tests. Brand new laboratory can perform various kinds of works for example estimate soil strength and additive behavior of soil, corrosive power, electrical resistivity and other parameters, the system provides access to the relevant data (engineering surveys) at construction site.

17 November 2015