On September 23, 2022, Omsk State Technical University delegation, headed by the principal, Mr. Dmitry P. Maevsky, visited ONHP head office. The Parties discussed the prospects for cooperation in the field of scientific, innovative and educational activities.

The priority areas of collaboration were: participation in the development of innovative projects, obtaining national and international grants, knowledge sharing between scientists and engineers, arrangement of internships, summer schools, seminars, conferences, applied cases and joint classes for students and young scientists.

 “This Agreement is more than just a document that establishes cooperation between the Company and University. This is a new round of interaction between the Parties, the basis for the development of a new generation of qualified engineers who will become the foundation of our country's innovative economy. Our partnership is an opportunity to apply the full potential of students into solving real problems. For our part, we are ready to implement our plans and work together so that students, and in the future specialists, become true Professionals with a capital letter”.

 Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP Chief Executive Officer

“The agreement signed with ONHP, the leader in the engineering services market, will serve not only to meet the personnel needs of the company, but also increase the prestige of engineering education, contributing to the technological development of the Russian economy.”

Dmitry P. MAEVSKY, Omsk State Technical University Rector

During the meeting, the OmSTU delegation visited Inter-disciplines Engineering Department. Inter-disciplines Engineering Department was established in the company in 2014. Currently, the department employs 17 students and undergraduates working flexi-time, 11 of them are students of Omsk State Technical University.

For more information regarding this meeting, visit Omsk State Technical University website at http://https://www.omgtu.ru/l/?eid=81782


24 September 2022