ONHP arranged VIII International Research & Engineering Technology Conference

VIII International Research & Engineering Technology Conference was successfully completed in PAO ONHP. Representatives from different parts of Russia as well as delegates from Serbia and USA participated in the event. Conference attendees discussed the development of oil, gas and chemical complex, offshore projects and debated on company digitalization. Following long-term tradition, the conference started with Plenary Session with further split into thematic sections. 

Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, PAO ONHP CEO opened the conference. His speech established proper mood for the whole event and further discussions. “XXI century is the century of speed, high speed of decision-making, process organization and changes happening around. Now this high speed is becoming supersonic. In the past 10 years the world faced the changes never seen before, much more significant than in the past 120 years. We can expect that in the next 5 years this tendency will only increase, - highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO,  - We should learn to live in this new world. And I am almost sure that those who will not adapt will be subjected to extinction. In the age of digitalization we should avoid typical solutions; we need internal transformation first of all of each human from the inside and then modification of mind and perception”.

With an opening speech the conference participants were addressed by the First Deputy Minister for youth affairs, physical training and sports of Omsk Region, Mr. Andrey KHROMOV, Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery JSC Representative, Mr. Alexander DEMIN and Omsk State University n.a. F.M. Dostoevsky Chemical Faculty Dean Ms. Irina VLASOVA.

Main discussion and debates occurred in the scope of the following thematic sections: Oil and Gas, Offshore Projects, Information modelling and New Production Technologies.

Based on the results of the conference, all participants got personal certificates. The most interesting reports and presentations were awarded in various nominations as follows:

Report of Ms. Ekaterina L. DURANDINA, PAO ONHP Civil Engineering Department No.1 Engineer, Omsk on “Increase of energy efficiency for ventilation systems in Distribution Transformer Substation with Rack Room at Gazpromneft Omsk Refinery JSC” was awarded for “Innovation”.

Report of Mr. Alexander M. KHLOPOTENKO, PAO ONHP Interdisciplines Engineering Department Cat. 1 Technician, Omsk on “High-viscosity oil pumping through an operating pipeline possibility investigation” was awarded for “Best Engineering Proposal”.

Report of Mr. Oleg M. TROYAN, PAO ONHP Mechanical Engineering Department Chief Specialist, Omsk on “Method for Associated Gas Recovery from Offshore Fields” was awarded for “Current Significance”.

Report of Mr. Daniil S. DRATSKIY, FSBEI of Higher Education Tyumen Industrial University, Tyumen 2 Year Student (i.e. Sophomore) on “Systems for pumping multi-lateral wells and downhole splitters” was awarded for “Best Research Thesis”.

Report of Mr. Sergey E. LIPATOV, PAO ONHP Integrated Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering Department Cat. 1 Engineer, Omsk on “Analysis of Technical Revamp Project for operating offshore ice-resistant fixed platform” was awarded for “Best Presentation”.

Report of Mr. Rustam A. KHAKIMOV, LLC "Automatika-Service", High-Tech Solutions Center, Automated Process Control System Development Management, Cat. 1 Engineer on “Application of data mining method for establishing virtual analyzers of quality” was awarded for “Compliance with current trends in science and technology”.

Report of Ms. Yulia V. KOVTONUYK, Gazpromneft Omsk Refinery Group, Cat. 1 Specialist on “Development of measures to reduce quantity of deposit in feed heat exchangers of DFHT” was awarded for “Practical significance”.

Report of Mr. Rais Sh. ABZHALIMOV, Omskgrazhdanproekt TPI JSC General Director Assistant, Doctor of Science, JSSMGE Member, Omsk on “Experience in constructing low rise buildings of embedded foundations on heaving ground bed” was awarded for “Economical Efficiency”.

Report of Mr. Nikolay V. DYAKONOV, Omsk State Technical University FSBEI of Higher Education, 3 Year Ph.D. candidate, PAO ONHP Mechanical Engineering Department Cat. 3 Engineer, Omsk on “Spherical screw scaffold of sphere tanks and gasholders” was awarded for “Practical feasibility”.



30 October 2017