ONHP demonstrated Digital Refinery model

It is the first time, PAO ONHP delegation, headed by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, participated in St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2017 (SIGF). During the forum, a number of meetings were held with representatives of oil and gas companies, aimed at discussing high-profile issues of the industry, world trends in the development of the oil and gas sector, opportunities for using intelligent techniques in nowadays production. In the spotlight of the conference was ONHP participation in the "round table", where the company introduced their technology of creating "Digital Plant".

In the past seven years Gas Forum has become a professional platform for representatives of business community, government officials and academics where they discuss the most up-to-date industry trends. Decisions made by industry leaders as a result of such discussions directly affect global gas market. The forum was a starting point for a number of promising projects, and traditionally a wide range of Agreements significant for industry development are signed annually. ONHP followed this practice and not only participated in this large-scale event but also executed an Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation with PAO Gazprom Automation.  

Forum was attended by top managers of the largest oil and gas companies, representatives of innovation centers and design institutes, experts, scientists, heads of profile universities and research institutes, who in the course of open dialogue discussed world trends and state policy in gas industry and priority sectoral projects.

Among the key topics of the forum were the use of technologies that increase the productivity and value of a contemporary company. This topic in particular was discussed by forum participants at the round table called "Complex system-technical infrastructure of the company - development approaches" organized by PAO Gazprom Automation. Event form was set by the moderator Andrey Tereshkevich, System & Technical Infrastructure Department Head of PAO Gazprom Automation and the speakers among whom was PAO ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M.ZUGA.  

ONHP Representatives demonstrated to Round Table participants ONHP opportunities to introduce "Digital Plant" technologies. The company has extensive experience in creating digital models of the facility. ONHP practical experience in the creation of digital models, presented by Mr. Yuri Morozov, Piping Engineering Department Head in his report "Digital transformation. Technology" caused professional interest of the event participants. Application of intellectual model was called by Forum participants "fourth industrial revolution". The topic touched by ONHP was called "break-through".

Gas Forum opened new promising areas of activity for ONHP and laid the foundation for expanding cooperation.


11 October 2017