Together in digitalization

AVEVA World Summit on digitization was held in Cambridge (Great Britain) on October 24-26. Among the participants was Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, PAO ONHP CEO who headed company delegation. The question of what’s the world heading to was in the spotlight of the Summit.

Jack Weltch

If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near. (Jack Weltch, General Electric)

Total digitalization of economy and industry as well as application of "smart models" is one of the most discussed up-to-date topics. Traditional approaches and technologies in design have reached a climax and are becoming essentially noncompetitive. Therefore, market leaders are now those companies that are in the trend of Digital Economy, shifting the focus of their activities to the field of computer engineering, digital design and modeling, "smart" and additive production.
ONHP is among the leaders of Russian engineering companies which successfully applies digital technologies. This explains active participation of PAO ONHP delegation headed by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA in the World Summit, where the company was invited by AVEVA management.

Leica Stand

Leica Stand demonstrates a device for Laser scanning

World Summit gathered more than 450 representatives of different companies. It was held in the 50th anniversary of AVEVA company and united all the frontrunners who are moving ahead of time and are always one step ahead, those who look beyond the limits and see the future.
25 October 2017