ONHP joined Russian Chemists Union

Decision to include ONHP into the Russian Chemists Union was made within joint meeting of Russian Chemists Union Board and Committee of Russian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs for chemical, textile and consumer goods industry.

Chemical market is one of prospective business areas for ONHP, stipulated by company development strategy. Numerous chemical companies established at the time of Soviet Union have managed to successfully meet all the challenges for many years and provide internal and external markets with products of high demand. However widespread implementation of advanced technologies and solutions, introduction of absolutely innovative products and services requires branch to be modernized and re-equipped along with security level increase. Branch renovation is in process and ONHP with its longstanding experience in petrochemical facilities design, sufficient engineering HR, complete special software outfit and advanced (BIM) design technologies is willing to participate in Russian chemical industry modernization.


The Russian Chemists Union is a noncommercial organization which unites chemical enterprises, scientific research institutes, chemical unions and associations, vertically integrated structures of Russia.

Nowadays the Union includes about 600 enterprises.


01 February 2017