In April 2022 ONHP took an active part in the "Turnstile-Free Week" All-Russian campaign. The main idea of ​​this project is to get school students, their parents and teachers directly acquaintanted with the companies located in the region.

ONHP scheduled a whole range of career guidance activities to popularize the company's performance and engineering professions and specialties in ONHP’s demand. The activities which were held within the campaign are as follows: Open Day in ONHP, parent-teacher meetings to describe ONHP Program "Kindergarten-School-University-Company", career guidance class "Your journey with ONHP", parent-teacher meetings dedicated to ONHP Program “School-University-Company".

In total, 2,031 people took part in this campaign including 1,431 school students from 34 Omsk schools and 333 parents from 4 kindergartens and 13 schools.

04 May 2022