ONHP team headed by Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, took part in Siberian International Marathon-2017 (SIM-2017). Three most adventurous company representatives: Mr. Sergei VASILEV (Civil Engineering Department No. 1), Mr. Vyacheslav IVANOV (Electrical Engineering Department) and Mr. Mikhail GORELOV (IT Department) covered the main marathon distance of 42 kilometers 195 meters. Mr. Evgeny KHVOSTIKOV (Piping Engineering Department) triumphed over "semi-marathon" distance of 21 km.

Every year ONHP specialists, their children and family members join together to compete in various SIM races. 2017 year was not an exception. More than hundred ONHP representatives took part in this most paramount sporting event. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO and Team Leader participated with his team in the most popular race of 3 kilometers.

Following a long-standing, heart-warming tradition, ONHP specialists conducted their pre-race "cheers and chants” contest which included a short performance of each company department. Artistic skills and creativity of teams were evaluated by jury consisting of nominated ONHP representatives. According to participants, competitions like this give you a charge of positive emotions and a real boost of energy for the race. “It is easier to run with such a cheerful and active support group knowing that your dear and solid team is here for you” – shared company representatives.

08 August 2017