Construction of Biosphere – the largest ecological project of Gazprom Neft –Started at Omsk Refinery

Construction of the Treatment Facilities Complex i.e. Biosphere started at Gazpromneft ONPZ JSC.

Gazprom Neft  Press Service announced this information on November 08, 2017.  

RF Vice-Prime Minister, Mr. A. KHLOPONIN, RF Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, Mr. S. DONSKOY and Management Board Gazpromneft Chairman, Mr. A. DYUKOV in the course of video conference ordered to begin the construction.

Interim Omsk Region Governor, Mr. A. Burkov and Gazpromneft ONPZ General Director, Mr. O. BELYAVSKIY participated in solemn ceremony dedicated to first brick laying.

Конструкция очистных сооружений закрытого типа обеспечивает герметичность технологических процессов, что позволит полностью исключить попадание испарений нефтепродуктов в атмосферу.

Design of closed-type treatment facilities ensures process leak-tightness which fully prevents the emission of oil products vapor in the atmosphere.

With commissioning of a new Omsk refinery complex:

- efficiency of water treatment will increase up to 99%;

- due to a closed cycle, 70% of purified water will be returned to production;

- scope of river water application will be reduced by 2 times.

Gazpromneft-ONPZ General Director, Mr. O. Belyavskiy declared that"A unique water treatment complex is being built at Omsk Refinery, which demonstrates impact of new environmental standards on the process. Applying fundamentally new systems of industrial technologies, we solve complex problems of reducing the influence of production on the environment. Treatment facilities will become part of upgraded refinery, built in the frame of large-scale Omsk Refinery modernization project. This is a key project for Omsk region, which allows us to solve systematically the issues of rational and safe water application. "

Omsk Region Interim Governor, Mr. A. BURKOV, in turn, noted that “Biosphere is more than 19 billion rubles of investments that we managed to attract to the region. As a result of this project, we will significantly reduce the impact on the environment and at the same time provide new high-tech workplaces with fair salary. This is one of the largest environmental projects not only for the regional but also for the domestic industry.”

It should be mentioned that Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery modernization has been under way since 2008. Omsk Refinery First stage of modernization, completed in 2015, ensured that:

- Key process complexes were built and reconstructed, which allowed the Refinery to switch completely to Euro-5 motor fuels production;

- it was possible to significantly improve energy efficiency;

- impact of production on the environment has decreased by 36%.

During implementation of Second Stage of modernization, which will be completed in 2020:

- impact of production on the environment will be further reduced by 28%;

- new production facilities will be built;

- existing plants were reconstructed taking into account modern ecological requirements, requirements to the level of reliability and safety of production processes.

(Article author: Gazprom Neft Press Service, Neftegaz.RU, November 08, 2017

13 November 2017)

Author: пресс-служба «Газпром нефти», Neftegaz.RU, 8 ноября 2017 года
13 November 2017