ONHP will actively cooperate with Omsk Mayor's Office to implement social projects. One of the largest taxpayers of the region is willing to adjust its activities to the city needs.  

At a meeting of Coordinating Council for Improving Investment Activities and Entrepreneurship Development, held in Omsk on Thursday, January 24, representatives of the Mayor's Office and large business divisions demonstrated a new level of social partnership, indicating their readiness for active cooperation.

Within the framework of the Council, Omsk Mayor, Mrs. Oksana FADINA and ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, as well as Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency JSC signed a Cooperation Agreement. The Parties announced their joint participation in the implementation of social and investment projects for the development of the city’s infrastructure, as well as the creation of favorable conditions for work and leisure of citizens, improvement of education and engineering personnel training quality.


– We have become the first design institute to sign a social partnership agreement with the City Mayor Office. And for us it is fundamentally important to understand the social aspect of the future production programs implementation in our project activities. The social partnership agreement is a relatively new but effective tool for consolidating our society in the condition of modern challenges. We are pleased that the authorities understand the importance of our institute in the social and business life of the city. For me personally, today's event is recognition of the work that we have already done and will continue to do for Omsk and its residents. Our company is not the only one working for the benefit of the city. This is already the 26th agreement, among those that the city administration has concluded with large taxpayers and business entities of Omsk. Thus, the municipality demonstrates that Omsk investors are the most important ones. Such demonstration of understanding the importance of business is the investment climate. And this is a very good initiative that will allow us to make Omsk more beautiful and better in every aspect.

We would like to remind that ONHP is a leading Russian engineering company specializing in the design of oil refining projects. Since 2013, the company has been in the top ten largest taxpayers in Omsk region. At the same time, the company actively invests in educational projects and finances comprehensive training of engineers and specialists for the chemical-technological industry. So, since 2014, the company has established basic faculties of three leading Omsk universities: OmGU, OmGTU and SibADI.

Such programs enable to train top rank specialists getting not only the required theoretical knowledge, but also the necessary practice.


04 February 2019