On Monday, June 24, Omsk Region Governor Mr. Alexander Burkov and PAO Omskneftekhimproekt (ONHP) CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA signed an Agreement of Intent to create an engineering and technicallyceum in the region. Global project,first of its kind in the country, shall be launched in 2022.The first step is already made. The decision regarding lyceum establishment is taken. Regional Ministry of Education starts the development of concept. It would be wrong not to use engineering competences which we have nowadays in Omsk. The whole country is supplied by our human resources. It is important that students nowadays are extremely keen on this topic”, specified Mr. Alexander Burkov.


This conclusion was made by the head of the region after visiting the company, where, despite the summer outside, Omsk schoolchildren and students study engineering programs. Eachintern has two monitors with drawings and schemes on the screens. School-University-Company is being implemented in the company bringing together five universities and 43 schools. Starting from Grade 9, after professional orientation is completed, technical classes in the sponsored schools are being formed. Such classes allow schoolchildren to take an advanced training course both in profession-oriented subjects such as algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, computer science and drawing, and in foreign languages, where the accent in made on technical English.

During the program, since 2001, 189 graduates got a job at the company. Many of them were hired to work in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. “We are willing to share, we believe that it is a normal procedure. Omsk school of engineering training is very strong. This is known in the country, and therefore employers are willing to hire our staff. Omsk engineer is not a conditional term, it is an important factor in the Russian economy. Without Omsk engineers, there is not a single large construction site in the country”, said Mr. Igor M. Zuga. In total, 1360 high school students underwent paid industrial and undergraduate training which makes more than 800 students.

“Implemented system gives the best result. Engineer is a person of special mentality. Such person shall be trained since school days or even kindergarten. Some pre-school students in special environment demonstrate specific capabilities. Such structured system is the future of all high-tech companies. Early selection of professional orientation is really crucial as far as it gives personal stability. The creation of a technical lyceum is another link in the training of high-level engineers. These are other approaches to learning, this is digitalization. Even today the company is already successfully creating design images not in 3D-format, but in 15D format. This is a completely different world and children should be ready for it”, highlighted the Governor of Omsk Region.

While regional authorities will be constructing the building, the Ministry of Education together with ONHP experienced in such questions, will create the “filling”. “Engineers of the future will be formed in this lyceum. Children should study such subject as artificial intelligence. We need engineers of the fourth and fifth generation, if we want to stay industrial and petrochemical leaders of the region. Today in Russia there is no such elite institution. Therefore, what is made today on Omsk land is very important. These children are the future of not only region and country, but also modern civilization”, added Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.

26 June 2019